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Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of the Iconic Don Quijote Ad 2023

Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of the Iconic Don Quijote Ad 2023

When it comes to advertising, few campaigns have reached the level of iconic status as the Don Quijote ad. This commercial has become a cultural phenomenon over the years, ingraining itself into popular culture and earning a place in our hearts and minds. But what does it take to create such an unforgettable advertisement? In this behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Don Quijote ad, we'll explore the creative process and learn about the incredible team that made it all possible. Join us on this journey through one of advertising's most memorable moments!

Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of the Iconic Don Quijote Ad 2023

The Don Quijote ad and its place in popular culture

The Don Quijote ad first aired in Japan in 1989, and it quickly became a cultural sensation. The commercial features a man dressed as the famous literary character Don Quixote riding through the streets of Tokyo on his horse Rocinante, while singing "Cheerful Tango" by Tetsuo Sakurai.

The quirky and humorous nature of this advertisement immediately captured people's attention, leading to its widespread popularity. In fact, it has become so iconic that even today, more than three decades later, people still recognize it and make references to it.

But why did the Don Quijote ad resonate so deeply with audiences? One reason could be that it tapped into our universal desire for adventure and whimsy. By placing an out-of-place character like Don Quixote in modern-day Tokyo, the ad created a sense of imagination and wonder that was hard to resist.

Furthermore, the catchy jingle and catchy dance moves helped cement this advertisement's place in pop culture history. Even those who have never seen the commercial might find themselves humming "Cheerful Tango" or doing the signature hand gestures without realizing where they originated from.

In short, few commercials have achieved such lasting fame as the Don Quijote ad. Its impact on popular culture is undeniable and continues to inspire creativity even after all these years.

The creative process behind the ad

The creative process behind the iconic Don Quijote ad was a unique and challenging experience. The team responsible for bringing this ad to life had to capture the essence of Miguel de Cervantes' classic novel in just 60 seconds.

The first step was to come up with a concept that would resonate with audiences while staying true to the story's themes of courage, adventure, and imagination. They brainstormed different ideas until they settled on one that involved an old man who is transformed into a knight by his surroundings.

Once the concept was solidified, it was time for storyboarding and scripting. This stage required close collaboration between writers, directors, producers, and art directors as they worked together to bring their vision to life.

Next came casting actors who could embody the characters of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza convincingly. It also meant scouting locations that matched their vision for each scene within the commercial.

After weeks of pre-production work, it finally came time for filming day – where everything had to be executed perfectly according to plan! With meticulous attention paid towards details such as lighting or camera angles - all contributing factors which helped make this legendary advertisement stand out from others!

Overall- creating an iconic ad like Don Quijote's requires passion, dedication & patience; but when done right? The results can speak volumes about your brand!

The people involved in making the ad

The creation of an iconic ad involves a team effort that requires the collaboration of many talented individuals. The Don Quijote ad was no exception and had a group of creative minds working behind-the-scenes to bring it to life.

Firstly, there were the directors, Junji Kojima and Toshiyuki Yamamoto. They were responsible for translating the original concept into visual form while ensuring that all elements complemented each other seamlessly. Next, there was the production team who handled everything from scouting locations to coordinating with various vendors.

The cast also played a crucial role in bringing this ad to life. The two leads, played by actors Takayuki Yamada and Shota Matsuda, brought their unique personalities and charisma into their roles as they took on different personas while chasing after Don Quijote items throughout Japan.

Last but not least are the unsung heroes: those involved in post-production such as video editors, sound designers, graphic artists – all worked tirelessly in putting together every detail until it met perfection.

It takes a village to create something truly extraordinary like the Don Quijote ad - these people made sure every aspect of this project came together flawlessly resulting in an unforgettable advertising masterpiece!

The challenges of making an iconic ad

Creating an iconic ad is not an easy feat. It takes more than just a good idea to get people talking about it for years to come. The making of the Don Quijote ad was no exception, as there were several challenges that the team had to overcome.

First and foremost, capturing the essence of the character while still appealing to a modern audience was difficult. They had to strike a balance between staying true to Don Quijote's story and making it relevant today.

Another challenge was finding the right actor who could embody the character perfectly. This required extensive casting sessions until they found their ideal match.

The location for filming also proved challenging as they needed somewhere that would transport viewers back in time yet still be familiar enough not to seem entirely foreign.

Moreover, creating an effective script that conveyed both humor and emotion was crucial. The team had multiple rounds of revisions before settling on what we see today.

Promoting such an ad requires careful planning and execution. Getting people excited about something new can be tough when audiences are already bombarded with ads every day.

Despite these obstacles, however, the team behind the Don Quijote ad managed to create something truly remarkable.

The Making of the Ad

The making of the Don Quijote ad was not an easy feat. It took a lot of effort and creativity to bring this iconic ad to life. The team behind the advertisement had to work tirelessly for months, brainstorming ideas, scripting, casting actors, scouting locations and reshooting scenes until they got it right.

The creative process involved several stages which included conceptualization, storyboarding and production. Each stage required input from different experts such as copywriters, videographers and editors who worked together seamlessly in order to create a high-quality final product that would capture people's attention.

One major challenge during the making of the ad was staying true to Cervantes' original character while also giving him a modern-day twist. This meant incorporating contemporary elements into Don Quijote's wardrobe and props without losing his essence as a literary figure.

In addition to this challenge was finding suitable actors who could embody the characters realistically on screen. The casting team had their hands full auditioning hundreds of hopefuls before finally settling on two talented individuals who brought Don Quijote and Sancho Panza alive with their performances.

Creating an iconic ad like Don Quijote requires patience, dedication and teamwork. Every detail must be meticulously planned out in order for everything to come together perfectly in post-production. Despite these challenges though - or perhaps because of them - we can appreciate just how incredible this piece really is!

The Impact of the Ad

The impact of the Don Quijote ad has been immense over the years since its creation in 1989. The ad became an instant hit and captured the hearts of people worldwide. It was so successful that it even won a Gold Lion at Cannes, one of the most prestigious advertising awards.

The ad's popularity led to a surge in sales for Don Quijote stores, making them a household name across Japan. This success continued beyond Japan as well, with international audiences loving the quirky and humorous nature of the commercial.

However, perhaps what makes this ad truly iconic is its longevity. Even after more than three decades, it remains relevant and continues to be referenced in pop culture today. Its characters have become cultural touchstones that are recognizable by both young and old alike.

This kind of lasting impact is rare among advertisements but speaks volumes about the creativity behind it. The Don Quijote ad managed to capture something special that resonated not only with consumers but also with society as a whole.

There is no denying that the Don Quijote ad had an immense impact on popular culture when it first aired back in 1989. Its clever concept and execution made it memorable enough to stay relevant over time – something few ads can claim – thus proving itself as one of history's greatest commercials ever created!

Don Quijote Today

Today, Don Quijote continues to be a beloved character that is recognized all around the world. The iconic ad featuring him has become part of popular culture and is still referenced in various forms of media.

In Japan, where the ad originated, Don Quijote stores have become a staple for locals and tourists alike. The stores offer an eclectic mix of items ranging from electronics to souvenirs to groceries - truly embodying the quirky spirit of its namesake character.

The popularity of Don Quijote has also led to several adaptations and re-imaginings across different mediums. From stage plays to video games, Don Quijote remains relevant even today.

Furthermore, the ad's impact extends beyond just commercial success. It has also sparked conversations about cultural exchange and appropriation as it features a Spanish literary figure being used to promote a Japanese store chain.

While it may have been over two decades since the iconic ad was first released, its legacy lives on through both retail and pop culture avenues.


The Don Quijote ad has become an iconic piece of pop culture that continues to capture the hearts and imaginations of people all over the world. Its success is a testament to the creative genius of those involved in its making, as well as their hard work and dedication.

Furthermore, this ad has had a lasting impact on advertising and marketing strategies by showcasing creativity, humor, and storytelling elements that have now become staples in modern advertising campaigns.

Don Quijote itself remains a beloved brand among consumers both locally and internationally. Thanks to its enduring legacy as one of Japan's most famous retail chains, it continues to bring joy and excitement to shoppers everywhere.

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